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Sensing Within

A yoga and Essentials Oils Workshop

Have you ever wondered about the power of essential oils?

Imagine the power of Yoga and Meditation with the added blissful infusion of essential oils.

This workshop includes a 30 minute gentle yoga flow practice, a 20 minute savasana with guided meditation and 40 minutes to learn about and try a beautiful array of oils.

You will walk away with some amazing samples and the opportunity to purchase your favorite.

This workshop is free for members and only $25 for friends, family and non-members.

Saturday 29th June 2019

5.30pm – 7pm

Bookings essential.

Roll, release relax workshop

Join special guest Sue McShane for 2 incredible and blissful hours of self-care, using a combination of yin and restorative poses, combined with trigger point release and self massage, using Roll Model® Therapy Balls.   These amazing balls, are designed to provide targeted self-massage trigger point therapy through their use during particular poses and movements, allowing us to pass through layers of skin, fascia and muscle to massage deeply into our high tension areas.

Spend 2 dedicated hours of releasing our tension through rolling and restoration, focusing on feet, hips, glutes and upper body to find total relaxation. If you love the balls, they will be for sale on the night after the class, for you to take home, and continue to use.

6-8pm  Friday 5th July

Tickets $45 (Members and guests).


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the power of inversions for beginners

Come along and play with us and learn about inversions.

There are many benefits of Yoga Inversions including the ability of inversion to reverse the aging process. Yoga inversions are not just about you turning upside – but about doing it mindfully with breath awareness, they just don’t make you look younger, but also make you feel younger.

Other benefits applicable to almost all yoga inversions are, elimination of toxins, boost in positive energy and immunity, increased flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, works as a natural antidepressant, stimulates nervous system and calms the mind, improves circulation, strengthens the back and core abdominal muscles, improves posture and overall balance.

Mentally and emotionally, one of the biggest advantages of inversions is its ability to eliminate fear and build confidence. At first, most of us are scared of lifting both legs and balancing on head or hands. Fear of falling and fear of change often stands as the biggest barrier between you and an inversion.

But as you keep trying, as you keep falling and picking yourself up to try again, you overcome your fears and begin to enjoy the process. You become more confident about your ability to move forward and balance, and you also learn to accept your failures and view them as a learning lesson.

Your perspective changes. You do not see falling as failing but an opportunity to improve and try again. You build self-confidence and at the same time learn to keep your ego in check. You learn to approach your practice with curiosity and humility, look inward and not compare your practice with someone else’s.

Saturday 27th July


$25 Members – Purchase in studio

$35 Non Members Sign Up Now

Pre & Post-Natal yoga

Six weeks of bliss, a beautiful class designed to create space, stability and outer strength.


Beginners yoga

If you have never experienced yoga before, the best place to begin is with this beginners yoga course. Over the 6 weeks, you will spend more time learning the physical postures and how to safely develop your yoga practice.  This course is designed to build your confidence, familiarity, and strength all of which you can take to a regular yoga practice when you are ready. Drop in students also welcome.



This restorative yoga class is designed to improve mobility, stability, strength and calm. Oncology yoga is open to people at any part of their cancer journey.


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